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Imagine managing you pain WITHOUT doctors, pills, surgeries or invasive medical procedures... Intrigued?

electrical muscle stimulation, electrical therapy, natural pain relief, EMS, TENS, muscle recovery, wireless
back pain, back muscles, EMS, wireless e stim

VPOD Wireless TENS, EMS & NMES Unit

$149.00 $175.30

How about if we told you that we have just the device for you, that is wireless, powerful and costs less than one visit to the chiropractor.

muscle recovery, electrical muscle stimulation, Electrical therapy, EMS, TENS, VPOD, back pain
muscle recovery, shoulder pain, pain relief

VPOD Deluxe Wireless TENS, EMS & NMES Unit

$189.00 $222.36


The TENS / EMS unit helps people of all ages. It's for anyone who suffers from neck, back, shoulder, leg, knee and joint pain.

It is also for people who exercise regularly. While the TENS feature helps with muscle spasm and tension, joint pain, sore and aching muscles, increases your range of motion as well as muscle recovery, the EMS feature helps strengthen and tone your muscles.

This little device has helpedover 30,000 people like you...


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