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Our Story

Since our launch, we had one simple goal: To develop high quality pain relief products, with ease of use and premium customer service. With our brand, we hope to impact people's lives and offer the most innovative,therapeutic, health and personal care products. To learn more about the owners' background, read this article!

Massage Therapy Concepts has earned recognition from publishers, industry leaders and professional athletes as the premier designer for excellence in health and personal care products. We have paved the way to expand our range of products and keep the standard of quality at its highest.

Our Brand and Products

Our philosophy is to offer the best quality products, at the best price and offer the best customer service. We are here not just to offer you our product but to offer you an experience that will last with you for a long time. Our customer purchase is taken in with careful consideration. In today's stressful world, we want to make your lives a lot easier and offer exactly what you want out of each product. With our range of products, we want to help you rewind, and regain balance into your life. Massage Therapy Concepts provides non-invasive solutions to help replenish and restore muscles, helps with aches and pains and offer overall relaxation and well-being.

Our Commitment

At Massage Therapy Concepts, we strive for excellence. Each and every product that is produced must meet and maintain our highest quality standards. Consumers are our no.1 priority and we want to always meet and exceed their expectations. All our products offer craftsmanship, technology, and design with the highest quality standards. We aim to offer all our products at a very cost effective and affordable price to our customers. Massage Therapy Concepts is trusted and recognized in the industry as the leader in health and personal care with the best quality products and excellence in customer service.

Meet our team!

"Women-driven and wellness focused" - our team is a well-rounded and diverse crew, specifically brought together to bring you the best product experience.

Dianna Feldman

Co-Founder, CEO

Michael Feldman

Co-Founder, President

Kimberly Garcia

Director of Operations

Katie Allsup

Marketing Manager

Francesca Posla

Marketing Coordinator