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Natan Levy - Pro MMA fighter

"Being a fighter is the toughest job in the world. It takes everything you have, every day of the week. If you want to be a world champion you have to put everything in it. I'm always trying to be the hardest worker in the room, show up first and leave last. I train so hard every day and it is really taking a toll on my body.

I wasn't doing enough recovery and luckily I found the Verve and fell in love with it. The EMS treatment really changed the way I perform. I can recover better and train harder. I show up to the gym and I'm not as
tired as I used to be. I'm not worn out, I feel great. I feel like I'm good to go. I feel like every session means more... I can do more.

The Verve TENS & EMS unit from Massage Therapy Concept is really a game-changer. For me it's a lifesaver. I feel like I wouldn't be the
same athlete without it."

Who is using the Verve TENS/EMS unit?


Torrey Meister (Pro Surfer)Hawaii

Charles Johnson (Pro Martial Arts)

Natan Levy (Pro UFC MMA Fighter)


Dr. Vincent Taffuri

Sid Scheck

Dr. Vincent Taffuri

Absolute Health Solutions (Andrew Ullo) Treating back pain after an accident

Todd-Ferguson Chiropractic (Linda & James Ferguson)

Med RX Bracing and Orthotics (Curtis Poudrier)

Dr. Jo (Physical Therapist)

The Review Crew(Bob and Alex)

Absolute Health Solutions (Andrew Ullo) Healing and Treating a Torn ACL

Joey Wellness

Dr. Vincent Taffuri


Ellie Palermo (Dancer & Fitness Instructor)

Hilary Ross (Fitness Model)

Roxana Frontini (Singing & Performance)

Kristen Stephenson Pino (Model/Actor)

Megan Downing (Bodybuilder)

Lauren Mary Kim (Pro Stuntwoman)

Yasmin Jarara (Model/Actor)

Molly White(Dancer & Fitness)

Jessica Greene (Actor & Yoga Influencer)

Amy Elizabeth (Pilates Instructor)

Janet Harris (Fitness Model)

Lara Antonia Heine (Dancer)





Torrey Meister (Hawaiian Pro Surfer)

"My life consists of constant travel, whether I'm chasing big waves or going to competitions around the world, I'm always on the go and I always push my body to the limit. It's super important for me to keep my body in the best shape I can.

In my career I've had a lot of injuries, including hip surgery, torn ligaments in my ankles, knees and back, which is why I use the VERVE TENS Unit from Massage Therapy Concepts. It creates healing blood flow so I can perform my best in the water and keep going onto the next destination.

My name is Torrey Meister and I am a professional surfer from Hawaii."

Who uses the Verve TENS & EMS unit?


Torrey Meister (Pro Surfer) Hawaii

Natan Levy (Pro UFC MMA Fighter) Las Vegas

Francesca Selva (Pro Cyclist) Italy

Ryan Dmowski (Pro Hockey Player)

Roybert Echeverría (Pro MMA Fighter)

Patrick Seagrist (Pro Soccer Player)

Kenny Thomas (Pro Basketball Player)

Cody Carroll (Pro Pitcher)

Bobby Butler (Pro Hockey Player)

Danielle McEwan (Pro Bowler)

Dan Catennaci (Pro Hockey Player)

Mason Geertsen (Pro Hockey Player)

Nathan Walker (Pro Hockey Player)

Tanner Scott (Pro Baseball Player)

Dane Kelly (Pro Soccer Player)

Megan Jensen Hill (Pro Cyclist)

Clay Dimick (Pro Soccer Player)

Artur Lima (Pro Soccer Player)

Alexandre Almeida (Pro MMA Fighter)

Leke James (Pro Soccer Player)

Timmy Bond Jr. (Pro Basketball Player)

Alex Perez (Pro Basketball Player)

Brenton Griffiths (Pro Soccer Player)

Evan Louro (Pro Soccer Player)

Luc Snuggerud (Pro Hockey Player)

Andrew Tinari (Pro Soccer Player)

DJ Taylor (Pro Soccer Player)

Brody Paterson (Pro Soccer Player)

Courtney Harris (Fitness Model/Bodybuilder)

Julia Young (Pro Field Hockey Player)

Lucky Mkosana (Pro Soccer Player)

Ricardo Evangelista (Wrestling/Martial Arts)

Tucker Stephenson (Pro Soccer Player)

Antonio Williams (Pro Football Player)

Brendan “All In” Allen (Pro MMA FIghter)

Belle Brockhoff (Olympic Snowboarder)

Kevin Varela (Pro Soccer Player)

Dalton Rosta (Pro MMA Fighter)

Daniel Janetos (World Record Chef)

Hans Hach (Pro Tennis Player)

Herbert Burns (Pro MMA Fighter)

Jeremy Kennedy (Pro MMA Fighter)

Julian Guillermo (Pro Soccer Player)

Jeremy Rupke (Pro Hockey Player)

Kaleb Ort (Pro Pitcher)

Karl Roberson (Pro MMA Fighter)

Spike Carlyle (Pro MMA Fighter)

Kyle Burroughs (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

Noah Rubin (Pro Tennis Player)

Pavel Barber (Pro Stickhandler)

Richie Lewis (Pro Wrestler)

Connor Menez (Pro Pitcher)

Ben Provisor (Pro MMA Fighter)

Pedro Santos (Pro Soccer Player)

Matthew Austin Dixon (Pro MMA Fighter)


ALYSHA (Model)

Hensley (Athlete/Model)

Karina Tsarina(Model)

Hilary Ross (Fitness Model)

Lauren Mary Kim (Pro Stuntwoman)

Lara Antonia Heine (Dancer)

Janet Harris (Fitness Model)

Jessica Greene (Actor & Yoga Influencer)

Amy Elizabeth (Pilates Instructor)

Yasmin Jarara(Model/Actor)

Kristen Stephenson Pino (Model/Actor)

Megan Downing (Bodybuilder)

Kim D'Andrea(Ambassador)

Tommy Milone(Ambassador)

Lily Farrar(Dancer)

Ellie Palermo (Dancer & Fitness Instructor)

Molly White (Dancer & Fitness)

Roxana Frontini(Singing & Performance)


Absolute Health Solutions (Andrew Ullo)

Todd-Ferguson Chiropractic (Linda & James Ferguson)

Med RX Bracing and Orthotics (Curtis Poudrier)

Dr. Jo (Physical Therapist)

The Review Crew (Bob & Alex)


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