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Natan Levy - Pro MMA fighter

Being a fighter is the toughest job in the world. It takes everything you have, every day of the week. If you want to be a world champion you have to put everything in it. I'm always trying to be the hardest worker in the room, show up first and leave last. I train so hard every day and it is really taking a toll on my body. I wasn't doing enough recovery and luckily I found the Verve and fell in love with it. The EMS treatment really changed the way I perform. I can recover better and train harder. I show up to the gym and I'm not as tired as I used to be. I'm not worn out, I feel great. I feel like I'm good to go. I feel like every session means more... I can do more. The Verve TENS & EMS unit from Massage Therapy Concept is really a game-changer. For me it's a lifesaver. I feel like I wouldn't be the same athlete without it.


Torrey Meister (Pro Surfer)

Natan Levy (Pro MMA Fighter)

Charles Johnson (Martial Arts)

Ryan Dmowski

Roybert Echeverría

Patrick Seagrist


Andrew Ullo

Todd-Ferguson Chiropractic

Lauren Mary Kim

Torrey Meister




Torrey Meister




Megan Downing

Lauren Mary Kim

Curtis Poudrier

Verve TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator | 2 Channels |12 Modes

Get relief from pain and promote healthy healing after surgery or injury, with one device that combines both TENS and EMS functions. The lightweight and compact design of the device offers you portability, so you can get relief on the go.

The unit features 2 channels, with 4 electrode pads. You can control the intensity of each channel separately. Select between 12 programs, with 20 intensity settings. The adjustable timer allows you to customize the length of your treatment.


surfer using TENS Unit, surfing

Torrey Meister (Pro Surfer)

MMA fighter using TENS Unit, fighting, wrestling, martial arts, UFC

Natan Levy (Pro MMA Fighter)

TENS for cycling, bike, competitive cyclist

Francesca Selva (Pro Cyclist)

ice hockey, TENS for sports, EMs muscle recovery

Ryan Dmowski (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

Unbroken Roy, TENS for MMA fightijng, UFC, fight recovery

Roybert Echeverría (Pro MMA FIghter)

TENS for soccer recovery, muscle recovery, pro soccer recovery

Patrick Seagrist (Pro Soccer Player)

basketball recovery, NBA, electrical stimulation, muscle recovery, EMS Unit

Kenny Thomas (Pro Basketball Player)

Baltimore Orioles, professional pitcher, cody carroll, TENS for baseball recovery, muscle soreness

Cody Carroll (Pro Pitcher)

Bobby Butler (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

professional bowling, TENS Unit for pain relief, elbow pain relief, EMS muscle soreness

Danielle McEwan (Pro Bowler)

professional hockey, sports recovery, electrical stimulation, muscle soreness, dan catennaci

Dan Catennaci (Pro Hockey Player)

ice hockey recovery, TENS Unit, EMS Unit, pain relief, quick muscle recovery

Mason Geertsen (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

Ice Hockey recovery, TENS, EMS, electrical stimulation for muscle recovery

Nathan Walker (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

pitcher, MLB, Orioles, Tanner Scott, EMS for baseball recovery

Tanner Scott (Pro Baseball Player)

soccer, USL, NC, golden boot, TENS for soccer recovery

Dane Kelly (Pro Soccer Player)

professional cyclist, EMS unit for cycling, cyclist muscle recovery

Megan Jensen Hill (Pro Cyclist)

soccer, USL, NC, TENS Unit for soccer recovery

Clay Dimick (Pro Soccer Player)

AHL, NHL, hockey

Patrick Newell (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

UFC, MMA Fight recovery, holistic pain relief

Alexandre Almeida (Pro MMA Fighter)

TENS, EMS, Soccer recovery, shin splints, sprained muscle, pulled hamstring

Leke James (Pro Soccer Player)

basketball, NBA, NY, G League, Westchester Knicks, New York Knicks, Timmy Bond Jr. , Tim Bond, Tim Bond Jr.

Timmy Bond Jr. (Pro Basketball Player)

Point Guard, EuroCup, BSL, Turkey, Basketball, EMS Unit, muscle recovery, soreness, joint pain

Alex Perez (Pro Basketball Player)

soccer, FL, USL, Jamaica, Colorado, MLS, TENS Unit, muscle recovery

Brenton Griffiths (Pro Soccer Player)

soccer, Evan Louro, USA National Soccer Team, 17 Residency Program, New York Red Bulls Academy, University of Michigan, Scholarship, Tampa Bay Rowdies, USL Championship, New York Red Bulls

Evan Louro (Pro Soccer Player

professional football player, TENS for recovery, muscle recovery, michigan state

Chris Frey (Pro Linebacker)

Professional skiier, snow sport recovery, TENS Unit, EMS Unit

Sabrina Cakmakli (Pro Skiier)

TENS for Pain Relief, Luc Snuggerud, Hockey muscle recovery

Luc Snuggerud (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

Artur Lima (Pro Soccer Player)

basketball, point guard, NBA, coach, spurs, bucks, miami heat, grizzlies, LKL, Detroit Pistons

Beno Udrih (Pro Basketball Player)

MMA, UFC, Bellator MMA, Brandon Girtz, Mankato Minnesota, Northway Martial Arts

Brandon Girtz (Pro MMA Fighter)

TENS for muscle recovery, pro hockey, EMS unit

Julia Young (Pro Hockey Player)

snowboarding recovery, TENS Unit, e stim, muscle recovery, snow sports

Terj Haakonsen (Pro Snowboarder)

TENS Unit, EMS for muscle recovery, snow sports, professional snowboarding

Meryeta O'Dine (Pro Snowboarder)

MMA, UFC, CA, fighting, mixed martial arts, Middleweight, freestyle,

Brendan “All In” Allen (Pro MMA FIghter)

NHL, New York Rangers, Goalkeeper, NYR,

Brandon Halverson (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

Motocross, BMX, freestyle, moto, stunts, monster jam,

Cory Berglar (Pro BMX Rider)

MMA, UFC, fighting, mixed martial arts, Middleweight, freestyle, TENS Unit

Dalton Rosta (Pro MMA Fighter)

guiness world record, fastest chef, marathon chef

Daniel Janetos (World Record Chef)

tennis, ATP, Culiacan, TENS for Tennis Elbow, EMS for tennis

Hans Hach (Pro Tennis Player)

Herbert Burns, TENS Unit, pain relief, EMS for muscle recovery

Herbert Burns (Pro MMA Fighter)

MMA Fighting, UFC, Fight recovery, back pain relief, muscle soreness, EMS Unit, TENS

Jeremy Kennedy (Pro MMA Fighter)

Columbian soccer player, julian guilermo, TENS for soccer recovery, muscle growth, pain relief

Julian Guillermo (Pro Soccer Player)

TENS Unit, hockey instructor, muscle recovery for hockey,

Jeremy Rupke (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

Orioles, Yankees, professional baseball player, pitcher, TENS for baseball

Kaleb Ort (Pro Pitcher)

Karl Roberson, Pro MMA Fighting, electrical stimulation for muscle recovery, estim

Karl Roberson (Pro MMA Fighter)

Spike Carlyle, MMA recovery, TENS for fighting, UFC, Professional fighters, EMS for fight recovery, sore muscles

Spike Carlyle (Pro MMA Fighter)

Ice hockey, TENS for hockey, hockey recovery methods, hockey injuries

Kyle Burroughs (Pro Ice Hockey Player)

TENS Unit for Tennis Elbow, tennis recovery, professional tennis, Muscle recovery

Noah Rubin (Pro Tennis Player)

stickhandling, TENS Unit, ice hockey, holistic pain relief, hockey player

Pavel Barber (Pro Stickhandler)

professional wrestling, TENS for sports injury, EMS, pain relief, muscle recovery

Richie Lewis (Pro Wrestler)

NASCAR, racing, TENS for athletes

Anthony Alfredo (Pro Race Car Driver)


TENS for dance, muscle recovery, EMS for Dance

Ellie Palermo (Dancer & Fitness Instructor)

EMS for fitness, muscle soreness,

Molly White (Dancer & Fitness)

TENS Unit, Performance recovery, EMS for muscle recovery, sore shoulders

Roxana Frontini (Singing & Performance)

TENS Unit, electrical stimulation, fitness model, EMS for muscle recovery

Hilary Ross (Fitness Model)

TENS Unit, professional stuntswoman, shoulder pain relief, chronic shoulder pain

Lauren Mary Kim (Pro Stuntswoman)

TENS for dancing recovery, professional dancer

Lara Antonia Heine (Dancer)

TENS Unit for arm pain, EMS for arm soreness, muscle soreness

Janet Harris (Fitness Model)

TENS Unit, yoga soreness, shoulder pain relief, estim for shoulder

Jessica Greene (Actor & Yoga Influencer)

pilates soreness relief, TENS Unit, back pain relief, estim for muscle recovery

Amy Elizabeth (Pilates Instructor)

TENS Unit, electrical stimulation for shoulder pain, back pain relief, tens for chronic back pain

Yasmin Jarara (Model/Actor)

TENS for knee pain, electrical stimulation, joint pain, e stim for leg pain

Kristen Stephenson Pino (Model/Actor)

Megan Downing (Bodybuilder)

Charlie Johnson (Martial Arts)

Torrey Meister

Torrey Meister


Andrew Ullo

Torrey Meister

Torrey Meister

Torrey Meister

Torrey Meister

Torrey Meister

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