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TENS & EMS Units

Tens/EMS Units
electrical muscle stimulation, electrical therapy, natural pain relief, EMS, TENS, muscle recovery, wireless
back pain, back muscles, EMS, wireless e stim

VPOD Wireless TENS, EMS & NMES Unit

$149.00 $175.30
muscle recovery, electrical muscle stimulation, Electrical therapy, EMS, TENS, VPOD, back pain
muscle recovery, shoulder pain, pain relief

VPOD Deluxe Wireless TENS, EMS & NMES Unit

$189.00 $222.36
e stim, wireless, muscle recovery, TENS, EMS machine,
muscle recovery, e stim, shoulder pain, electrode pads

VPOD Single Wireless TENS & EMS Unit

$89.00 $104.71
tens unit, tens machine, back pain, electro stimulation
shoulder pain, ems technology, electrode pads

Verve TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator

$64.95 $76.42
TENS unit, pain relief, e stim, electrical stimulation
arm pain, muscle recovery, e stim, chronic pain

Verve Deluxe TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator

$89.95 $105.83


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