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Basic Refund Policy

You have 60 days after your purchase to return you item if it’s defective or you are not happy with it. Simply email us at and include your name, order number and mailing address.

What do I do if I received the wrong product?

If this happens, we are truly sorry. Please email us at and provide us with your order number and we will address the issue immediately.
We will cover all costs of getting you the correct product.

How long is the warranty and how do I register it?

Our warranty covers one year of use, you can activate it using this link.



How much is shipping?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 in the USA. For worldwide shipping, costs will vary based on standard shipping rates.


Do you ship internationally?

We ship to the US and Canada. There is a fee for international shipping to Canada. For more details contact us at


How do I track my package?

You can check on the status of your order at any time by clicking the tracking link. If you have any questions please contact


How long does it take for an order to arrive?

This depends on the product ordered. Most of our products will arrive within 7-10 business days. If you’d like express shipping, you can purchase the product through Amazon and choose a faster shipping method.

I ordered 2+ items, but only received one... where's my order?

Since we ship from several of our facilities and we have a large assortment of products not stocked in house, when you order multiple items at a time, they may be shipped separately. You may receive one item before the next. So, don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once…they are on the way.



How do you use the Verve unit?

For instructions on how to use our Verve TENS unit, please follow this link.

What’s included in your packages?

Check out this video of an unboxing to clearly see what’s included in our VPod packages.

Also, you can check out the unboxing of our Verve TENS units following this link.

I misplaced the instructions/manual, how do I download the corresponding manuals?

You can download the manuals for all units using this link.

What’s the difference between mode A and B? Can I use them at the same time?

There is no difference between mode A and B. You can use 2 channels at the same time, treating 2 different body parts.

How do I set the VPod for TENS or EMS only?

TENS Modes are 1,3,4, 6, 8, 9,11,12and EMS modes are 1,2,3,5,7,10,12. Both EMS and TENS modes are 1,3,5 and 12.

How do I connect the VPod? What’s the name of the app?

The name of the app is VPod and it can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To connect, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and simply open the app. After opening the app, agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Start” to pair the device.

Why do you have the pair the VPod each time it is used?

After turning off the device and exiting the VPod App, the device disconnects for privacy security. For this reason, the VPod needs to be paired for each use.

Can I buy an individual VPod unit?

We are manufacturing individual VPods and they will be available soon!

Where can I buy the VPod Deluxe?

You can buy the VPod Deluxe using this link.

What do the lights mean on the VPod?

The blue light blinking means the VPod is waiting to be paired with a smartphone. The red light means that device A is already paired and in use. The green light means device B (if you have a second VPod) is already paired and being used. The solid blue light shows that the device is charging. When there is no light, it means the device has been fully charged.

How long do I need to charge the unit before using it?

Charge the unit for at least 2 hours before using it the first time

I don’t feel sensation on the pads, what can I do?

Make sure the leads wires are correctly connected to the ports of the unit and are firmly clipped to the electro pads. Slowly turn up the intensity level to gauge if this is the issue. If it is not, contact

Why do the pads not stick?

The electro pads lose their stickiness over time and if they are not properly cleaned or stored. If the user's skin contains lotions, oils and sweat this will effect the "stickiness" of the pads.

How do I clean the electrode pads?

To clean the electrode pads, do not use soap and do not touch the sticky part of the pad with your fingers. Wash the pads with cold water directly under the sink and wait for them to dry; then place them onto the pad holders. You should be able to get about 25-30 uses out of each electrode pad.

Where can I order extra pads?

To order extra pads, use this link.

How do I get a replacement charger? How much does it cost?

The replacement charger costs $15.95. Contact us at and provide an email associated with PayPal.

Where are the units made?

All products are manufactured in PRC.



How do I find acupuncture/acupressure treatment points?

For a comprehensive chart of acupressure and acupuncture points follow this link.

Can I use a TENS unit while pregnant?

Yes, TENS, EMS, and NMES units can be used while pregnant. Please consult your physician regarding use. You can find more details here.

Can I use your TENS units to treat Bell’s Palsy?

We recommend using the VPod which offers both EMS and TENS functions to help treat and heal the effects of Bell’s Palsy. There are more details available here.  

Can TENS help with menstrual pain?

Yes, TENS and EMS can help with menstrual and abdominal pain. It has also been shown to help treat pain stemming from ovarian cysts, fibroids, and uterine disorders- like endometriosis. You can read more here.

How do I use TENS units for back pain relief?

The TENS unit is very effective in treating back pain, chronic and otherwise. This instructional video is helpful in targeting relief for mid-back pain, back injuries, and other ailments effecting the spine.  

Can TENS be used to treat sciatica?

Our TENS/EMS Units can be used as a natural form of pain relief to treat pain and other symptoms of sciatica. Follow this link for more details.

Can I use your TENS/EMS device on my face?

TENS units should not be used on the face. We do carry ear clip stimulators that have been proven to help with headaches and migraines. See more details here.

Will your TENS units help me sleep better?

Yes, it has been proven that electrical stimulation aids deep consistent sleep. We recommend using our wireless VPod for the best slumber. For more details refer to this link.

Can I use your TENS units after having surgery?

Yes, but you should first consult with your physician. Follow this link for more information about how to use a TENS device after surgery.

I have a torn ACL, can I use your TENS/EMS devices?

Our TENS units are great for treating a torn ACL. Here is a video from a sports chiropractor discussing using a TENS for a torn ACL.




Why do you not have a customer service phone number?

Our agents are currently working remotely, because of this we do not have a physical office. If you need to contact us, we can be reached anytime at


Still have questions?

Sure, no problem! Just email us at and we'll get back to you right away.


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