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What are we facing?

Mental illness is costing the US over $193.2 B in lost earnings every year. Those suffering from mental illness face significant work loss, social impairment, morbidity, etc. 19% of all US adults experience a mental illness and 55% of the US workforce claim to suffer from some form of anxiety, depression, and/or PTSD.

AlphaLink: Grant Project

How are we helping?

   People want a clinically-proven alternative to treat mental health disorders that is safe, drug-free, and affordable. Accessibility is imperative, clients require reliable access to health care professionals despite their location and physical capabilities. Many of those struggling with mental health problems, have stated the need for attested technology that can inform them of their anxiety levels on a real-time basis to help facilitate effective intervention.  People are looking for a way to take control of their mental health, lives, and care.

    All specialists work remotely from their home office. This study conducts successful hypnotherapy sessions using the AlphaLink EEG headband,  the AlphaLink platform, and later assists in the collection of AlphaData (EEG session data from patients). They will need a comfortable couch, computer, a WIFI connection capable of streaming video, and a quiet room.

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