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electrode pads, portable, tens unit, electrical stimulation, sticky pads
workout recovery, ems unit
electrode pads, muscle recovery, TENS pads, sticky pads
electrode pads, electrical muscle stimulation, muscle recovery

6 Small Electrode Pads

Drug-free solution for relief of muscle and joint pain


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Pin point muscle soreness with our compact VPOD Small Electrode Pads. When paired with our VPOD Tens & EMS Unit, these electrode pads will help you conquer all of your aches and pains, no matter the time or place. On-the-go, sleek, and drug-free.


Looking for traditional TENS/EMS wired pads? Click Here. 

VPod Electrode Pad Features:
  • Safe and efficient TENS/EMS/NMES delivery
  • Reusability, our pads can be used up to 30 times!
  • For exclusive use with Massage Therapy Concepts' groundbreaking VPOD

6 VPOD Circle Pads. VPOD Unit is not included.

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6 Small Electrode Pads

chronic pain relief, TENS, wireless e stim, arm pain


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