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Trigger Point Massage: Why It's Different

Trigger Point Massage: Why It's Different

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These past couple weeks, we've been writing about all the most common types of body work for a wide range of ailments, including Lomi Lomi massage, acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, Gua Sha, and many others. Trigger Point massage is a form of body work that is especially important to those suffering from chronic pain or joint issues, so we thought it was worth adding to the list! 

What is Trigger Point Massage?

The main trait that sets this type of massage apart from all the others is that instead of rubbing or kneading the muscles in pain, the practitioner finds the exact source point of pain and presses on it until the pain subsides. This pain is like a warning light on the dashboard, it's alerting the body of a tight or overworked muscle or tendon that needs to be released or loosened. By pressing down on this point, blood rushes to the site, increasing circulation and aiding the body to naturally start repairing what has been damaged.

If you're having a hard time identifying the trigger point, it is essentially a muscle spasm that feels very tight and sore. These points develop over time due to the same action being done over and over again, since our bodies aren't designed to repeatedly endure the same stress in the same area. 

In terms of pressure intensity, this is left up to the patient and practitioner to discuss. The deeper the impact however, the greater the relief once the point is released.

Don't have access to a specialized practitioner? If you can reach the trigger point, you can conduct this process yourself! Once you locate the area of pain, repeat the process for three to five minutes, as much as five to six times a day.

Another safe and effective alternative is using electrical stimulation on the specified point. With this option, not only can you reach areas you wouldn't be able to on your own, but also achieve professional level relief without the need to leave your own home. We recommend The VPod, since it's wireless and actually has a trigger point setting (along with 23 others). This TENS/EMS Unit lets you completely customize the length and intensity of your session, so you can make it fit your exact needs on that day. For more info on The VPod, visit VPod.Life. 

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Happy Healing!

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