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Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

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With a pandemic on top of the stressors of everyday life, we tend to hold all our tension in different areas of our bodies depending on how we deal (or don't deal) with problems that arise. Whether it's meditation, exercise or drawing a bath, we all should have an outlet to release the built up tension that naturally occurs. A popular tradition originating from Polynesia is Lomi Lomi, which focuses on kneading to flush out the lymphatic system. 

Lomi Lomi went on to become most popular in Hawaii as a central healing practice, and spread even further from there. The structure of the massage focuses on the lymphatic system and aiding the body to naturally flush out any accumulated toxins it may be holding onto due to stress.

How does Lomi Lomi Work?

The method of using long strokes directed away from the heart can prevent muscle spasms as well as strokes. This form of massage can be rather intense and lasts anywhere between one to two hours so it is not recommended to eat a big meal, if anything at all, beforehand. 

lomi lomi massage

If Lomi Lomi isn't something that's an option for you, there are new alternatives that can offer all the benefits of this healing method. Specific electrical stimulation can trigger the lymphatic system in a very similar way, resulting in the same toxin release that is sought after through Lomi Lomi. 

There aren't many EMS/TENS machines that can do this so we always recommend The VPod, since it has 24 different functions- one of them being Lomi Lomi. The Vpod also has a wide range of intensity levels so you can fully customize your session as your tolerance builds up, and connect wirelessly to the VPod AppVisit VPod.Life to learn more about the benefits of electrical stimulation. 

Happy Healing!

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