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Thai Massage: Defined

Thai Massage: Defined

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At a point where we're just looking for ways to relieve stress, a massage or a hot bath are some of the first things that come to mind. While a bath can only do so much, not to mention a very temporary solution, the right massage can actually greatly benefit and encourage the body towards natural healing. The tricky part is choosing from the plethora of massages, whether it's Shiatsu, Trigger Point Massage, Thai Massage, or any of these others

What is Different About a Thai Massage?

The main differentiator between a Thai massage and other common forms of body work is that you stay fully clothed the whole time. Rather than using oil to knead the muscles and work through tight pressure points, Thai massage practitioners focus more on stretching, rocking, pulling and typically takes place on a mat.

It has all the benefits of any other massage, such as stress relief, increased energy, decreased anxiety, etc. But in addition, it also aids flexibility since a lot of the focus is on the main joint, primarily increasing the range of motion. 

In this study, the effects of Thai massage were tested on soccer players' physical fitness and the results indicated substantial improvements in flexibility during the sit and reach, as well as the sit-ups test. Scientists credited this to the reduction in "muscle tension and increasing blood flow" that occurs as a result of a Thai massage. They also added that this "massage associated with myofascial trigger points increased the body flexibility in patients with back pain."

If you can't seem to find the time or resources for a Thai massage right now however, there are other options that are just as effective and twice as convenient. Electrical stimulation (the right kind) has been shown to be equally effective when used correctly. On matters of electrical stimulation, we always recommend the VPod, since it had a specific Thai Massage setting (along with 23 others). You can read more about the this wireless TENS/EMS device at VPod.Life. 

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