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About Us

ems, stretching, tens unit, electrical stimulation, muscle recovery

About Us

"Complete whole-body wellness"- that has always been our goal. After struggling with persistent pain, our CEO found traditional pain-relief methods lacking. Frustrated, she discovered and had her life changed by the effectiveness of TENS/EMS. Our president’s commitment to bringing natural wellness products to others is a driving factor in what has found us here today.

Massage Therapy Concepts’ focus has always been healing the whole-self, which is why we focus on a variety of wellness products and pain management systems. Since our launch, we have had one simple goal: develop products that will fall synonymous with high-quality, ease of use, and deliver premium customer service. Massage Therapy Concepts’ intent is to positively impact our customers' lives with our innovative and therapeutic wellness products.

Our Commitment

At Massage Therapy Concepts, we strive for excellence. Each and every product that is produced must meet and maintain the highest quality standards. Consumers are our foremost priority and our goal is to exceed their expectations. Our wellness products offer excellent craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and respect for functional sleek design.

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

Meet our team!

"Women-driven and wellness focused" - our team is a well-rounded and diverse crew, specifically brought together to bring you the best product experience. 

Dianna Feldman

Co-Founder, CEO

Michael Feldman

Co-Founder, President

Loraina Calderon

Director of Operations

Mei Gorbachik

Director of Marketing

Esther Grullon

Support Director

Francesca Polsa

Marketing Coordinator

Noralie Abreu

Marketing Intern

Great products and great talent- meet our brand ambassadors!

Heather Nguyen

Actress & Flight Attendant

Karina T

Fashion Model