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Valentine's Day Wellness Gift Guide 2023

Valentine's Day Wellness Gift Guide 2023

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What better Valentine's Day gift for your loved one than some of the top wellness products on the market right now? We've rounded up a few of our very faveortires that will help anyone (including yourself) prioritize wellness and mindfulness, all while practicing better self-love.

1. Bala Ankle/Wrist Weights

These bangles add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout. They're wildly versatile, you can wear then on your wrists or ankles for an extra oomph. The world is your gym.

2. VPod/VPod Abs/VPod Feet

The VPod is a drug-free pain relief solution. Utilizing TENS/EMS technology, the VPod relieves muscle, joint and nerve pain, while also serving as an aid to workout recovery. 

VPod Abs enables you to target fat cells by stimulating and activating the underlying muscles, while VPod Feet invigorates the nerve endings of the soles of the feet for a non-invasive pain relief. The VPod has 24 unique modes with 20 intensity settings, making it the perfect gift for pain management.

3. Bath Caddy

This bamboo bath caddy holds your beauty products, iPad or a book, and even a glass of wine as you wash the day away. This relaxing gift is a perfect tool for winding down after a long day. 

Valentine's Day

5. Weighted Blanket

Sign us up for anything that will help improve sleep quality, which is why we've got a vested interest in the best weighted blankets. Many swear by their ability to soothe, so here's a list of the best rated ones with varying weights. 

Happy Healing!

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