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How to Use a TENS Unit

How to Use a TENS Unit

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What is a TENS Unit for?

Electrical stimulation is typically used for two main reasons. An EMS Unit's main purpose is to improve muscle recovery speeds and improve circulation around the targeted muscle. A TENS Unit's purpose is to send out stimulating electrical impulses along the skin and nerve strands. The low voltage current blocks pain signals from the brain by inducing the body's natural pain blockers- endorphins. 

How Will an E-Stim Unit Help Me?

An e-stim unit helps you recover and reduce chronic pain without the need for drugs or needles. The non-invasive form of pain relief and simultaneous muscle recovery allows you to have the ability to wake up and work even harder the next day, opening up the possibility of giving 100% every day to reach your goals. 

The Steps:

  • Clean the skin and let it dry.
  • Put the electrodes on your skin near the area of pain
  • Attach the pin connectors to the end of the electrode wires to the electrodes. Then plug the electrode wires into the e-stim unit. 
  • Check out our latest blog article about specific electrode pad placement for each area of the body.

If you prefer a visual tutorial, Dr. Jo has a great video on how to use a TENS Unit for pain relief in which she demonstrates and explains the relationship between the body's pain receptors and the electric current sent out by an electrical Unit.

Are you still looking for a unit? We recommend the Verve TENS/EMS Unit since it covers both muscle recovery as well as chronic pain relief due to it's dual function. This powerful, easy to use lightweight device features 2 channels, 4 electrode pads, 12 programs and 20 intensity settings. 

Happy Healing!

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