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Top Rated Protein Powders for Muscle Recovery

Top Rated Protein Powders for Muscle Recovery

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When making the list of top protein powders, there were several things I was looking out for: digestability, complete protein blend, cost, and flavor. With every nutritional supplement though, there are going to be ingredients suited for some more than others so I've made sure to include plant based and dairy free options for those with allergies or lactose intolerance. 

Ghost Whey & Vegan Protein

This protein powder is by far one of the better tasting ones I've had, and they have unique flavors in whey and dairy free options since they partner with companies like Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butter!

The dairy free flavors include pancake batter (a personal favorite), chocolate cereal milk, and peanut butter cereal milk. 

All of their products come with digestive enzymes to avoid bloating too, which is an added bonus. 

Legion Whey Plus

In terms of really high quality whey, Legion Whey Plus is up there with the best. It is a whey isolate produced with milk from small, grass-fed dairy farms in Ireland. Since it is a whey isolate, it is over 90% protein and relatively low in lactose- making it ideal for any diet restraints since it has zero fat and barely any carbs. 

Products of this brand contain no fillers and are cGMP-certified to ensure it's free of contaminants.

Select Protein

If you're someone who cooks or bakes a lot with protein powder, this one takes the cake (no pun intended). Not only does it just mix well with milk, but it makes a great addition to overnight oats, protein pancakes, or anything else you want to sneak some protein into.

Dymatize Whey Protein Isolate

If you're looking for classic, vanilla milkshake, straight to the point protein powder then this is it. Easily dissolves so you can just mix it into a glass of milk without the need to add any other ingredients of flavors to make it palatable. It's known for its quick digestibility as well as safe for those who are gluten free, and is pretty affordable i you're on a tight budget but still prioritizing protein intake.

If you still want to maximize your muscle recovery even further, especially as an athlete- we recommend to pair high protein nutrition with electrical muscle stimulation for elite muscle recovery. Check out the VPod, a wireless unit with 24 different functions, at VPod.Life.

vpod abs

Happy Recovery!

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