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Tapping for Pain Relief

Tapping for Pain Relief

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It feels like every year there is a new pill on the market to solve some new type of pain, along with a whole new list of side effects that pretty much outweigh the benefits. Along with the plethora of new medicine, it seems like every year there is a new flood on people who want to try holistic approaches to healing. Which brings me to: Tapping. 

An ancient method that has been making a comeback is tapping, which is based around the idea that we have more control over the energy in our body than we realize. This idea based in Chinese medicine is based on the theory that stimulating specific acupressure points can target and stimulate blocked energy spots. This helps to release any tension that is causing pain or discomfort.

tapping for pain relief

Research has demonstrated that habitual tapping has the potential to improve brain structure and function by practicing the mind/muscle connection. This method of healing can be used for a wide variety of emotional and physical ailments ranging from headaches to anxiety. 

The Tapping Process

Tapping can be self-administered or done by a professional, as demonstrated in this video.  Before you start the tapping process for pain relief, make sure to take a minute to tune in and measure the intensity and location of the pain, so the tapping can be accurate. Take a couple of deep breaths and once this is done, go ahead and start to tap on the area of pain (7-10 times, very slowly). Keeping breathing during this process!

Tapping with Electrical Stimulation

For those who are less comfortable or experienced with this process, there is an easy at-home solution that is just as, if not more, effective. There are few electrical stimulation machines on the market that have the tapping function. By eliminating the necessity of having to "tap" the pain points yourself, you can focus on breathing as well as staying focused on the point of injury. 

We recommend the VPod, by Massage Therapy Concepts. This EMS/TENS unit had 24 different functions (one of which is tapping)! Since it's also a wireless unit, you can just connect it to you phone via bluetooth with the free VPod App, which is available on the Apple and Google App stores. 



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