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Tai Chi for Weight Loss

Tai Chi for Weight Loss

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Crossfit, high intensity interval training, powerlifting, steady state training. It seems like every week there is a new intense workout routine that promises the world, not taking into account how impactful stress and recovery are to any workout routine. While any of these can be intense and produce quick results, the difference in recovery times greatly differ from low to medium intensity workouts, as well as the risk of injury. After 50, these chances increase even more, which is where Tai Chi comes in. 

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that consists of slow, controlled movements intended to strengthen joints/muscles and improve flexibility, but in a low impact way. But this doesn't mean it's less effective in any way. You can still get that after-workout feeling without having to jump from boxes or swing from ropes. Here are some of the many benefits of Tai Chi. 

Weight Loss & Strength Increase

In this study, changes in body mass index and aerobic capacity were measured for a year and Tai Chi proved to be effective for reducing waist circumference as well as decreasing the risk of heart disease. 

Decreased Stress

There have been over 40 studies regarding how Tai Chi can benefit stress levels as a holistic option, for those looking to avoid medication and stick to the natural route. Here are some of them, breaking down the specifics on how Tai Chi improves psychological wellbeing as being a form of exercise while simultaneously being a form of meditation. The studies looked over a total of 3817 subjects and used 29 different psychological measurements to arrive at their conclusion. 

Boost your Immune System & Recover Faster

Since Tai Chi is gentler on the body, it allows the body to fully recover and therefore doesn't negatively impact the immune system as much as a high impact, high intensity workout. 

Integrating this kind of exercise into your weekly routine can only benefit your health, but if you are still struggling with weight loss or recovery, we always recommend the Vpod by Massage Therapy Concepts. With the custom Tai Chi function, you can receive a lot of the same benefits that you would from an exercise session. This wireless electrical stimulation unit has the ability to use both TENS and EMS technologies to improve your recovery and stimulate your muscles for toning and strength. Visit Vpod.Life for more info, and download the free app from the Apple or Google App stores!

Happy Healing!

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