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Post Marathon Muscle Recovery Tips

Post Marathon Muscle Recovery Tips

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With the NYC half marathon having just taken place this last week, all the runners have been working towards recovery since. In this article we'll focus on the main aspects of recovery, specifically for runners, and what to keep in mind when you start to train again. 

Immediately After

As soon as you cross the finish line, you'll want to keep moving for at least 20 minutes and avoid doing any static stretches where you have to sit or hold a stretch for an extended amount of time. The most important thing to keep in mind at this time is slowly lowering your heart rate while maintaining consistent blood flow. 

If you're going to implement as ice bath, this would be the time do it or later the same day. 

The Day Of

Prioritize healthy carb rich foods to replenish all the glycogen that was lost during the race. Pair some fiber rich, whole food carbs with vegetables and protein for a balanced meal that will kick off the start of your marathon recovery. 

Make sure to prioritize hydration the day of the race! While it's easy to get caught up in the celebration and head to the bar afterwards, alcohol can further encourage dehydration. Prioritize water and future you will thank you.

Try to take a nap at some point throughout the day. Muscles repair while you rest!

Enjoy a protein rich, slow digesting snack before bed to help your overnight muscle recovery. Try protein shake and an apple or some toast with peanut butter.

Next Day

The day after a marathon is a good time to start using compression socks if you have them or even better, an EMS unit. If you're on the lookout, we highly recommend the VPod. This wireless muscle recovery unit has 24 different settings, each with an adjustable intensity level. To learn more about this EMS/NMES/TENS unit, visit VPod.Life.

2 Days Later

A couple days after a marathon you can start to exercise again, but no running yet. Active recovery is key. Walking, easy hiking, a light cycle through the park, these are all great options. 

4 Days Later

By this point, ice baths are not encouraged. Hot baths are recommended to help flush out lactic acid as well as promote blood flow. If you have an EMS unit, it should continue to be used during this time.

A Week Later

After a week you can consider running again, depending on how sore you may still feel. Avoid speed work or challenging hills for now, and pay special attention to any aches or pains.  

Happy Healing!

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