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Mother's Day Gift List 2022

Mother's Day Gift List 2022

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With Mother's Day quickly approaching, here are some of the best pain relief products of the year to help you choose the ideal gift for your loved one. From cryotherapy to TENS technology, these items provide relief for chronic pain, surgery recovery, or even just muscle soreness from routine, physical activity.

Sunny Bay

This microwaveable and freezable wrap is perfect for neck and shoulder pain relief. The heat feature works towards increasing circulation and easing muscle tension, while cooling the wrap works to reduce swelling. These wraps are filled with flax seeds for the best heat retention and soft, plush feeling. 

Freeze Sleeve

The Freeze Sleeve helps speed up relief and recovery with 360 degrees of compression coverage and 15-20 minutes of doctor-recommended cold therapy without the risk of damage to the skin. Sleeves can be used interchangeably between arms and legs. They're proudly made in the USA and use specially formulated antimicrobial gel, which is non-toxic and eliminates odor. 


The Backmate is a revolutionary massage system, It sets up in your doorway in seconds and allows you to target and apply just the right amount of pressure to any part of your body, without having to use the muscles you are massaging or having to get on the ground. Use it to alleviate pain in your neck, back, shoulders, legs or anywhere you need relief. 

The VPod

VPOD Deluxe Wireless TENS, EMS & NMES Unit

VPOD Deluxe Wireless TENS, EMS & NMES Unit


Looking to amplify your healing experience? Our VPOD Wireless TENS Unit is a lightweight, portable device that will provide natural pain relief for all of your aches and pains. The VPod Deluxe gives you more so you can get more… read more

The VPod is a drug-free pain relief solution utilizing TENS/EMS to relieve muscle, joint, and nerve pain. The VPod aids in workout recovery and promotes healthy healing after an injury or surgery- making it the perfect gift to pamper your loved one on Mother's Day. 

The VPod is the first and only unit that combines 3 powerful technologies or TENS, EMS and NMES in one light, sleek device. To learn more about the wireless VPod, visit VPod.Life. 

Happy early Mother's Day, and as always...

Happy Healing!

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