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Low Impact Exercises for Joint Pain

Low Impact Exercises for Joint Pain

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It can be incredibly frustrating to maintain your normal workout routine after an injury, the start of chronic joint pain, or just being too sore to do your usual exercises. Most high-intensity workouts require some kind of jumping, running, or rapid-paced set of movements that are either uncomfortable or straight up painful. Low impact modifications can make these unexpected life changes all the more bearable. 

We'll go over some of the easy modifications you can make to the classic moves to make them more comfortable, without sacrificing the challenge level of your workout!


Burpees are probably one of the few most dreaded exercises, and can feel really heavy on the knees and lower back. If burpees cause you any pain or it's just one of those days where you lack the energy, try half burpees instead.

low impact burpeeKasey Kotarak/

Jumping Lunges 

This exercise not only requires coordination and balance, but heavily puts pressure on your hips and knees. Slow this down into alternating lunges instead, at a quick enough pace to keep your heart rate elevated!

Jumping Jacks

These low impact jacks are a great alternative to keep moving without any pressure on your joints.

low impact jumping jacksKasey Kotarak/

Jump Squats

This high impact move can easily be replaced with regular squats, but those can sometimes still result in knee pain. An even lower modification would be full body extensions, as demonstrated below. 

low impact squatsKasey Kotarak/

Mountain Climbers

This bodyweight cardio staple is sure to get your heart rate up in no time. But this move can be tough if your core or back are already sore. Try bicycle crunches instead for a ab-strengthening alternative that still targets the same muscle group.

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Happy Healing!

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