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Introducing The VPod Single

Introducing The VPod Single

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This week we are introducing the VPod Single, which makes it possible for you to combine TENS/EMS and NMES technology without having to buy 3 different machines. You can now purchase the VPod Single along with your existing VPod Unit for double the healing power!

What is EMS/TENS Technology?

This advanced technology is for anyone who suffers from ongoing body aches and pains due to chronic muscle stiffness or routine soreness due to intense workouts. 

TENS Units are designed to use electrical stimulation to induce the body's natural healing and pain relieving processes. EMS (or NMES) Units are geared more towards athlete recovery since they target muscle fiber repair to reduce soreness. The main difference being that EMS Units use electrical signals at higher Hz rates, which allows for stimulation of muscle fibers at a deeper level. This leads to flushing out lactic acid (which is responsible for that next-day soreness) and increasing oxygenated blood flow.

VPod placement

VPod Single Accessories 

There's also abdominal and foot add-ons for mid-section sculpting and recovery aid for those who work on their feet all day! VPod Abs enables you to target fat cells by stimulating and activating the underlying muscles. Vpod Feet works by using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology (TENS) to invigorate the nerve endings of the soles of the feet for non-invasive pain relief. Simply place your bare feel on top and adjust the intensity from our app!

App Features

The VPod Single connects to your Apple or Android device instantly through the free VPOD App. Just turn on your bluetooth, connect the device, and then you're all set to enjoy specific, drug-free healing after injuries, surgery, or just sore muscles after a strenuous workout. With 24 different functions (including acupuncture, cupping, knocking, kneading, muscle growth, tai-chi, and many more) so that you can customize your session to your immediate needs. 

For more information on the VPod Single, visit VPod.Life.

Happy Healing!

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