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How to Increase Your PR Each Week

How to Increase Your PR Each Week

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It's bulking season, which means it's growing season. Which means it's PR (personal record) season! The question is, how can I quickly and efficiently increase my PR without risking an injury or hindering recovery. This week's article is going to include some tips and tricks to help you build your max strength before cutting season. 

Progressive Overload 

This is a term you're going to hear over and over again in the fitness community, if you haven't already. This term essentially means slowly increasing the weight that you lift, over time. The problem with sticking to the same exact weights and movements every day is that your body starts to adapt to it. PR's that seemed difficult two months ago, don't seem difficult at all anymore. Whether that means increasing your shoulder press by five pounds each week, or adding another plate to your deadlifts every month- both of those are examples of progressive overload. Go at your own pace, and this method will lead you on to have many PR's to come!

Recover Properly 

By prioritizing recovery, you can increase the amount of days you can workout on, which in turn will increase your chances to increase the weight you are lifting (aka your PR). Make sure you incorporate at least one or two rest days- even more depending on how hard you are training and how new you are to lifting weights. If you find that you're struggling with proper recovery time, we recommend incorporating EMS technology. The VPod is a wireless TENS/EMS/NMES Unit that has 24 different functions, all built to help you recover quicker. With adjustable intensities as well, the VPod allows you to build your own custom recovery session right from the comfort of your own home. To learn more, visit VPod.Life. 

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