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Best Methods to Grow Your Hamstrings

Best Methods to Grow Your Hamstrings

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This one is for all of the quad dominant guys and gals, myself included. Leg day typically consists of the same compound exercises that strengthen the whole leg, including squats, deadlifts and lunges. While these movements also target the hamstrings (otherwise known as the leg biceps), it's easy for the quads to take over if you're not consciously prioritizing hamstring growth. Here are some tips and tricks if you want to focus on building your hamstrings!



Start out with an exercise that targets mainly the hamstrings over the quads. So maybe begin your workout with deadlifts or hamstring curls to activate that muscle over the others first, so it will be more active during the rest of the workout. 

Slow Down

Perform slow negative movements when focusing on the hamstrings for a better burn out. Slowing down the exercise not only makes it more difficult, but it forces you to focus on the muscle your are contracting. Start at a normal pace for the contraction, and then slow down the release.

Mind-Muscle Connection

Think about your hamstrings contracting during the hamstring-focused exercise. If you consciously keep that muscle in mind, the added strain will aid more precise muscle development!

Stretch and Recover

Take the extra 5 to 10 minutes to stretch out your hamstrings, not only because it is a relatively large muscle group, but also because by taking the time to stretch you can help your body naturally flush out lactic acid, which is responsible for that sore feeling you get the next day. If you feel like stretching isn't enough and want a recovery boost, we recommend EMS technology. Choose something wireless with adjustable intensities to fully customize your recovery session. The VPod is a great choice, boasting sleek efficiency and 24 different settings. Visit VPod.Life to learn more about EMS technology!

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Happy Healing!

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