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How Does Shiatsu Massage Work?

How Does Shiatsu Massage Work?

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So far we've covered a wide array of natural treatments that heal by manipulating reflexes and energy in different areas of the body, such as this article on reflexology, or the benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage. but there's one missing. Shiatsu- meaning finger pressure in Japanese. It's become more popular in the western world over the last decade and is often referred to as Shiatsu massage or Shiatsu body work. Like the other treatments that focus on reflexes and relieving muscle tension, the principle behind all of these is related to energy flow. The theory is that when you experience pain anywhere in your body, it's because energy is trapped there and the purpose of massages like Shiatsu or Lomi Lomi is to release that energy in a safe manner, along with the pain. 

By using acupressure to do this, you can relieve chronic or injury caused pain without the need for drugs or needles. Some added benefits to this are improved mood and increased relaxation. 

Another reason why Shiatsu aids with pain relief is due to the natural improvement of circulation in the body. By encouraging everything to move smoothly, the body can work on trying to heal naturally. 

What Happens in a Shiatsu Session?

A Shiatsu therapist is trained to be able to recognize where there is an energy imbalance, and based on the body meridians, they can begin to go about balancing the patient's energy and releasing held tension.

shiatsu massage

After a short consultation, the practitioner can begin to construct a plan based off the individual's specific needs. Shiatsu massages focus on a mix of manual techniques, including kneading, pressure, tapping

Shiatsu massage of neck and shoulders

and stretching. This is just few of many techniques that the specialist can choose from to balance the energy of the client. Some may need to enhance or revitalize their energy, while others who are wound up or anxious may need techniques that focus more on ridding the body of excess energy. Specialists recommend at least one Shiatsu session per month to maintain balance, but others may benefit from more depending on the stress levels of their job, family demands, or lifestyle.

Don't have time to schedule a Shiatsu appointment? There's also alternatives you can do at home that can help you receive the same benefits without the time or price commitment. Electrical stimulation in the form of TENS or EMS units can mimic the circulatory benefits of Shiatsu massages. We recommend the VPod, since it is one of the only wireless units on the market which also has a specific "Shiatsu" setting, along with 24 others. Visit VPod.Life for more information on the VPod and all of its other features. 

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Happy Healing!

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