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Managing Holiday Stress

Managing Holiday Stress

2 minute read

Fending off holiday stress can be a seemingly impossible and daunting task, but hopefully after this read you can at least feel like you'll have even a little more of a grip on the coming months. 

Saying No

With so many plans and commitments, it's easy to just say yes to everything in the moment. Plan ahead on what you can and can't attend. It's ok to say no to things if it means your holidays will be less taxing. 

Make a Budget 

We encourage you to make a budget and stick to it. Don't get stuck buying gifts that you'll spend the rest of the year paying off. Spend money on your loved ones, but not to the point where it'll end up causing you more holiday stress.

Create a Relaxing Surrounding for Yourself

Have your favorite music playing or light your favorite candle. Do all the things that make you feel comfortable and at home, even with lots of friends and family over. This is where the little things that make you happy will make a major difference. 

Take a Break

Take a walk, a nap, or initiate a funny movie night. Anything to lighten things for yourself and make the season a bit lighter. It's easy to burn out during the holidays because there is so much less time for your usual self care. Be purposeful about setting some time aside to unwind. 

Happy Holidays!

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