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Healthy Holiday Swaps

Healthy Holiday Swaps

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With three months worth of holidays in a row, joy and magic are in the air making this the most cherished time of the year. Along with the celebrations though, there can be a lot of stress around the topic of food around the holidays. While it is a time where you should allow yourself to enjoy all your favorite foods, it's also important to remember to meet all your nutritional needs. With these easy swaps, you can still enjoy all the delicious classics, while still getting all the healthy fats, carbs, proteins and vitamins that your body needs. 

Baking Swaps

More and more alternatives to sugar, oil and flour have been discovered over the past several years, making it easier than ever to keep making your favorites this holiday season- with a healthy spin. Substitute all or some of the butter/oil in your recipe with applesauce or mashed ripe banana (which also helps you reduce how much sugar you have to add!) Sub out white flour for whole wheat, coconut, or almond flour, depending on the consistency you're looking for. 


If you'd like to drink as a part of the holiday celebrations, it's recommended that you stick to lower sugar cocktail options or just opt for red wine. With higher antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, red wine (in moderation) can be a healthier option during the holidays. Click here to read a few more benefits of drinking red wine!

Roasting vs Casserole

Oven roasting green beans or sweet potatoes eliminates the need for all the added ingredients and highlights the main nutrient powerhouse: the vegetable. Opt for garlic roasted green beans instead of the usual green bean casserole, or spice up your sweet potatoes with some olive oil and rosemary in the oven instead of the usual sweet potato casserole.

If you're staying active over the holidays and want to not only encourage recovery nutritionally, we highly recommend having the VPod handy. This wireless muscle recovery and natural pain relief TENS/EMS Unit helps reduce muscle soreness faster so you can be back on your feet and ready for your next workout. Visit VPod.Life for more information. 

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