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Happy Pride!

Happy Pride!

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To wrap up Pride Month, we wanted to spotlight some athletes that are shattering through limitations in the fitness and LGBTQ+ community. To finish up the month, I chose to interview Minky, founder and head trainer at Han Training Gym. Follow along to read more about their story! 

F: How did you come to love your sport?

M: I wouldn’t say that I have one sport that I am wholly tied to - if I had to choose, I’d say that my sport is exploring what my body can do. After years of desiring body awareness and strength, it only finally clicked for me once I began looking at movement as a means to truly serve myself in a way that made me feel more connected to my body.

This allowed me to begin really developing a body neutral practice and mindset for myself - this shift was so incredibly freeing and it gave me a lot of drive to share it with others, particularly within the intersection of marginalized communities.

F: What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in this field?

M: In a very literal sense, the pandemic. I had just gotten certified to train the December before lockdown, and though I wasn’t relying on this as a major source of income, the challenges that COVID presented in terms of access and safety for my clients and myself were a true rollercoaster.

F: What is your proudest achievement in this field?

M: I would say something that I still can’t really wrap my mind around, even still, is related to the above. Despite the pandemic, despite working another full-time job, the community kept growing. As more and more folks showed interest and running into access issues at my then apartment, I came to a fork in the road and had to make a decision to fully commit to this work.

Within 3 years I went from one career to another, and opened a brick and mortar location that is 6 months in and still growing. I feel proud of being able to create a space that will work to uphold my values and caters to the intersection of my communities - to queer, transgender, nonbinary, disabled, fat-bodied, low-income, and POC communities.

F: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is looking to join your field of work, what would it be?

M: As with any field, never assume that what you’ve learned is always right. We should always be learning, revising, and improving the ways in which we do things.

But also, REST. Schedule it in so that you remember to do it. I’m naturally not good at it myself, so it’s something I regularly have to practice, and even if it’s hard to do, we need it.

F: Love that! Have you used TENS/EMS technology? If you have, what was your experience with it?

M: I have once, but it was a cheaper unit - I could feel some of the benefit but it wasn’t as instinctive for me to use as I thought - I’m hoping that using this product will show me the light! I’m always moving, so though I regularly practice mobility I’m still often tight and in need of bodywork.

To learn more about Minky, follow them on Instagram @itsliftyboi.

And as always, 

Happy Healing!

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