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Best Exercises to Grow Glutes

Best Exercises to Grow Glutes

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Glute growth is one of the most looked up topics in the fitness community, which also means it has the biggest amount of misinformation. Training glutes can improve aesthetics, overall health and strength, and play a crucial role in injury prevention since it is such a large and stabilizing muscle group. In this article, we'll go after what the science says about muscle growth, as well as top rated exercises from top muscle builders in the fitness world. 

Building Muscle

First, it's important to outline all the factors that contribute to successfully tearing and rebuilding muscle. 


The importance of increasing calories is incredibly overlooked in the journey of building muscle. Whether it's a slow, gradual increase or a large one- more calories are needed if the goal is to increase your size in any way. Without the proper macro and micronutrients, the muscle that is broken down during the workout will not be able to fully rebuild, much less grow bigger, without the right amount of the right foods. 


Needless to say, in order to build bigger and stronger muscle, you have to break it down at the gym. Check out this great video by Jeff Nippard where he breaks down the most scientific way to grow your glutes in a way that's incredibly easy to understand. The most important idea to understand is what movements can target all the main glute sections for maximum muscle hypertrophy (growth). 

There are three muscles that make up the "glutes."

  • Gluteus Maximus- the largest
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus- the smallest 

He also covers how important the mind muscle connection is for any kind of muscle growth, how often you should train, and debunks some muscle building myths. 

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Like with most things in life, quality recovery is going to allow for more effective training, and in turn, successful glute muscle growth. Make sure to have at least one rest day during the week and not train glutes back to back. If you're struggling with muscle soreness, we highly recommend the use of electrical muscle stimulation for improved blood flow, draining lactic acid, and encouraging quick recovery. The wireless VPod has 24 different functions and fully customizable intensity settings. Try it out for your next recovery session! For more info, visit VPod.Life.

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Happy Healing!

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