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Foods to Avoid when Recovering from an Injury

Foods to Avoid when Recovering from an Injury

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After an injury, the most common aspect that is most thoroughly discussed is physical therapy, adjustments in exercise and rest. Nutrition is often overlooked when discussing recovery when it should be prioritized. After all, food is medicine.

Today we'll go over some foods that could aid your injury recovery, but mostly we'll focus on what to avoid that may hider your progress. 

Some foods are known to increase inflammation, which can slow down or prevent healing. Some of these foods include:

  • high sugar foods
  • highly processed meats
  • high salt containing foods
  • any food with a high glycemic index
  • shortening/margarine/vegetable oils

These aren't necessarily surprising since doctors have been telling us to avoid these things for years. As a general rule. the less processed the food, the better. If you're interested in reading more about how foods can affect our inflammation levels, check out this study from Harvard Health Publishing.

There are three things to consider when choosing your anti-inflammatory foods: fiber, phytonutrients, and amount of healthy fats. Try to prioritize foods that are higher in omega-3 fatty acids over omega-6, as omega-6 is more conducive to anti-inflammation.

Some foods that encourage blood flow and in turn aid injury recovery include the following:

  • oats
  • fish (preferably salmon)
  • flax and chia seeds
  • dark, leafy greens
  • legumes
  • berries 
  • spices like turmeric, curcumin, peppers, cinnamon, garlic, ginger and onions. 

If you still find yourself struggling with the rate of your recovery, consider including EMS technology in your daily routine. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation, which is a lot less intimidating that it sounds! The gentle impulses help encourage the body's natural healing processes by increasing blood flow and natural pain-relieving endorphins. We recommend the wireless VPod, since it has 24 different functions and adjustable intensities. To learn more, visit VPod.Life.

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Happy Healing!

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