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The Drinking Game of 2021

The Drinking Game of 2021

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The Newest Trend: TENS Drinking Challenge

Now that public spaces are opening back up and nightlife is slowly returning to normal, there's been an increase in creative drinking games to celebrate the new changes. The most surprising and recent has been the TENS drinking game, which makes drinking a single beer significantly more difficult. 

There are multiple ways I've seen it done, mainly it varies between the TENS Unit being on the forearms, like this one, and it being on the face.

drinking game

How does it work?

During the challenge, the player puts a TENS units on their arm and chooses the areas that create the greater muscle twitches. Once the unit is on, they put it up to a higher setting, which can cause more of those muscle twitches. The challenge now becomes actually picking up a beer and bringing it up to his/her mouth while the TENS Unit is sending out these electrical impulses.

This TikTok shows some possible results when the unit is placed correctly. However, keep in mind this is already after several rounds..

    Aside from the fun of an e-stim unit when paired with alcohol (which is not recommended), there are actually many benefits when utilized for it's main purpose- non-invasive pain relief. It works by sending out electrical waves that block the pain receptors in your brain, making it ideal for those suffering from any kind of chronic back, neck, and muscle pain.

    Pictured below is the VPod TENS/EMS/NMES Unit, which is best for this kind of game since it's wireless and easily controllable from the VPod App. The wireless feature decreases the risk of any liquid contact with an outlet, and the app allows you to hand the phone off and let someone else have complete control of the intensity! Read more about this unit at VPod.Life.


    Happy Drinking!


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