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Creating the Right Fitness Routine for You

Creating the Right Fitness Routine for You

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As summer approaches, the planners and fitness challenges start to come out and regiments go from 0 to 100 in attempts to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. However, drastic changes in routine can prove unsustainable and quickly lead to burn out- as I discovered this past weekend. 

Here was my plan. I downloaded the most popular planner app I could find. Spent hours logging all my future workouts, most at 5am (because it seemed more "hardcore," whatever that means) and forgot to take into account how late I work, so a week late- burnout. This is all to say, let's go over things to consider when creating a healthy fitness routine for YOU, without having to adopt an exact copy of the latest fitness influencer's routine for the summer.

Write Down Your Goals

Or put them in your notes app. Or a check list app. Anything that makes you take the time to think about it and jot it down. This will help narrow down the reason for creating this new routine and hopefully will serve as initiative. 

Be Realistic

Think about how much time you have to devote to this new goal. Is it worth getting up an hour early? Will you be losing an hour of sleep? Make sure these changes are sustainable in the long term.

Switch it Up

Keep it interesting for yourself! Don't make yourself do the same workout over and over again because it will not only stop being effective, but you'll start getting bored of this routine and will have a greater chance of dropping it altogether.

Increase Intensity Over Time 

In order to ensure progress, make sure you're slowly making your workouts harder over time. This could mean increasing repetitions or changing the weight you're lifting every couple weeks.

Allow Time for Recovery

Make sure to give your muscles proper time to repair from this new routine. Schedule in 2 or more rest days, depending on your schedule and lifestyle, to help prevent burn out and give your body the rest it needs to continue crushing goals the following week. If you're struggling with muscle recovery, consider adding more sleep, an extra rest day, or an EMS unit to increase blood flow and flush out lactic acid.

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Happy Healing!

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