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5 Toasty Hacks to Stay Warm This Winter

5 Toasty Hacks to Stay Warm This Winter

2 minute read

Maybe you don't have to dread this winter. With these 5 hacks to help make you just a little bit warmer, make this winter more comfortable! 

Reverse Ceiling Fan Blades

Most people don't know that you can actually change the direction of your ceiling fan. in the winter, flip the switch so the blades will rotate clockwise instead, pulling cold air up and circulating warm air out to the walls and down toward the floor, right where you need it. This hack not only keeps you warm, but helps you save on your heating bill as well.

Stay Hydrated 

While we hear about staying hydrated all throughout the summer, it can actually be a huge aid for staying warm in the winter! People who are dehydrated could actually feel the cold more than those who drink sufficient fluids, as staying properly hydrated has a large impact on blood circulation (which contributes to keeping us warm). Limit coffee to a couple of cups per day, since caffeine is dehydrating, and sip on tea, cider, or broth throughout the day if that's easier for you. 

Nix the Booze

A huge misconception is that alcohol helps keep you warm, but while it may feel warm going down- it actually drops your core body temperature. This could put you at an increased risk of hypothermia at very low temperatures, especially if you're already cold. Alcohol can also increase perspiration, which adds a layer of moisture to the skin which could further drop your temperature. 

Throw it in the Dryer

Flannel sheets and throwing my PJ's in the dryer before bed keep me sane when temperatures are 20 degrees and below. Even just throwing in your coat before you head out makes a big difference! Carrying hot hands in your pockets works wonders as well. 

Leave your Oven Open

Use this an excuse to bake something yummy and leave the oven cracked open after you turn it off to heat up your kitchen. And now you have a warm sweet treat!

Hopefully these hacks can help you stay a little bit warmer this winter, and as always...

Happy Healing!

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