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5 Sanity Saving Tips for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

5 Sanity Saving Tips for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

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All of us here at Massage Therapy Concepts wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy the day and remember that one day is not as important as the rest of the 364 days of the year. Here's 5 tips for making this special day healthier, and a couple of bonus post-Thanksgiving tips if you need them.

Eat Breakfast 

Start off a healthy Thanksgiving with a light, but satisfying breakfast to prevent you from feeling ravenous by dinner time. Something like an egg-white omelette or a bowl of oatmeal with berries. Including breakfast could make a world of a difference in terms of how much you end up indulging later on. 

Pitch In

Offer to bring a healthy dish you like to make to add some balance to the meal. Here's some ideas! 

Do as Much as You Can the Day Before

Set the table, empty the dishwasher and trash cans. Go the extra mile by lining your bins with extra garbage bags. That way, you're not running around looking for more bags when the garbage is overflowing. Prep as many dishes in advance as you can. Gravy bases can be frozen and (most) vegetables can be cooked and refrigerated for up to 2 days. If the dishes can't be made in advance, think about the prep work you can knock out (washing, peeling, chopping vegetables, etc).

Use Square and Rectangular Pans

This is so you can fit more dishes in the over! Whether you're cooking or just keeping dinner warm.

Do Something Active

Have the whole family go on a neighborhood walk after dinner, or plan some outdoor fun (soccer, volleyball) before dinner for the kids to let some energy out, as well as keep more hands out of the kitchen.

Get Back on Track

Don't let one day of enjoying yourself make you feel like you ruined all your progress. Remember, all that extra salt and sugar will hold more water in the next couple days. So don't stress, continue your regular routine the next day and get right back on track.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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