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5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day if You're Single in 2023

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day if You're Single in 2023

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The days of only celebrating love when you're dating someone are over. This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to your favorite things and go past flowers and chocolate with these top fun ways to celebrate yourself and loved ones around you.

Have an Evening of Self Pampering

Disconnect from social media, fill the tub, bring out all the bath bombs and face masks and enjoy a spa night in. Create a sanctuary for yourself this Valentine's Day and relish in self care.

Bake a Sweet Treat and Give it Away

Whether it's your favorite chocolate chip cookies or a three tier cake, bake something you love and give it to a local charity or share it with someone you care about. Here's some simple and delicious winter treat ideas that scream "comfort."

Treat Yourself 

Go shopping or sign up to experience a wine and painting class! Treat yourself to the things you never have the time or will to do on this special day. Use the day as a free pass to do only fun, self-indulgent things you love. 

Embrace Laziness

Valentine's Day

Get in your comfiest PJ's and relish in a lack of responsibilities today. Order your favorite takeout and go over the top. If you'd rather enjoy some company, invite friends over to join and have a movie marathon and toast to the awkwardness of dates gone by. Or host a comfy game night. The possibilities are endless!

Plan a Trip Somewhere You Long to Visit

Whether it's across a couple of states or a couple continents, daydream about a place that you've been wanting to go. Make a Pinterest board and maybe even start to research your first trip there. Map out your favorite eateries, museums, landscapes, etc.

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